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Counseling Services

This site is designed specifically for the students and parents of USD #432.  Each page will have information that is essential to the future of students in Victoria High School.  On this site you will find information about and links to financial aid, ACT tests, scholarships, career choices, college choices, and other information pertinent to your high school career and post high school career.   Throughout this site you should be able to simply click on a banner, school name, or graphic in order to go directly to that web site.    Also, don’t forget to grab some candy when you are in my office!!   

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Kori Braun.

What is a School Counselor?

 School Counselors hold a minimum of a master’s degree and a license in school counseling.  They work with all students, school staff, families, and members of the community as an integral part of the education program.  School counseling programs promote school success through a focus on academic achievement, prevention and intervention activities, advocacy and social/emotional and career development.  They also:

-Provide direct counseling services to students individually and in groups.

-Provide education and support services to parents.

-Provide consultation services to teachers.

-Facilitate referrals to community support services.

-Advise students on academic planning.

-Provide career planning.

-Network with post-secondary schools.

-Serve on school and community committees addressing the needs of young people.

  A school counselor is not a therapist.  When issues go beyond the training of a school counselor, parents are encouraged to seek therapy within the community. 

VHS Counseling Program and Services Objectives

All students will be appropriately counseled to select the most challenging academic level consistent with their potential.

All students will formulate a realistic Individualized Goal Plan in which they will consistently demonstrate an understanding of how their decisions affect their plan.

All students will demonstrate proactive self-advocacy and enrich their educational experiences by seeking out and utilizing valuable resources, supports, and extra-curricular activities.

Privacy Information

Every effort will be made to follow the counseling guidelines contained in the American School Counselor Association Code of Ethics.  This means that the information you share will be kept confidential – unless you give permission to share it, or it is required by law to share it.

Examples of when information MUST be shared:

When consultation with another professional is needed to help you.

When you give permission to share information.

When it is required by a school policy, state law and/or the Code of Ethics for Counselors that information be released.  For example:

-If it is believed that you are at risk of harming yourself or others.

-If it is believed that someone is trying to hurt you.

-If a judge orders information in court.

-If a law is broken.

Developmental Guidance Program

Middle School

Students will meet in their respective group once a week with Mrs. Braun during AIM to discuss pertinent issues.  Students will be grouped by gender and age: 7th grade girls, 8th grade girls, 7th grade boys, 8th grade boys.  We will be working out of Rosalind Wiseman's "Owning Up Curriculum: Empowering Adolescents to Confront Social Cruelty, Bullying, and Injustice."  

9th Grade

A Personal Plan of Study (PPS) is created for each student to follow throughout his/her academic career.  Emphasis is on transition/adjustment to high school, study skills, self-awareness, personal growth, and the beginning of post-secondary planning.  The Kansas Career Pipeline (KCP) is introduced as a tool for much of this planning.

10th Grade

PPS is updated.  Emphasis continues on personal growth, study skills, and post-secondary planning with particular focus on preparation for and interpretation of the PLAN and PSAT tests. Use of the KCP is continued.  State Assessments in reading and math are given.

11th Grade

PPS is updated.  Primary focus is on post-secondary planning: college and career information, fairs, open houses, visitations, and some standardized testing.  Use of the KCP is continued. Students are strongly encouraged to take the ACT at least once this year.

12th Grade

PPS is updated.  Post-secondary planning is the main focus of the year including college and career information, fairs, open houses, visitations, applications, financial aid, scholarships, and the ACT.  KCP results are referred to frequently.  Tips for a successful transition to college are discussed in depth.

Why Contact Your School Counselor?

New student registration and orientation

College planning and financial aid assistance

Test PSAT/ACT/ASVAB registration

Scholarship information

Student crisis and conflicts

Educational planning

Information on community services and agencies

Family support

Student achievement

Support for special needs

School adjustment concerns

Academic pressures

Peer difficulties

School-To-College and Career adjustment

Job listings

Any problem with which you may need help!

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